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Rennen International Open House and Car Meet Coverage

6speedonline.com Rennen International open house car meet pictures gallery

The Rennen International open house kicked off 2017 with a bang. A few weeks ago, Rennen International invited us to attend their open house and car meet at their West Coast headquarters in Ontario, CA. If you’re not familiar with Rennen, they are one of the world’s international leading distributors of aftermarket wheels. The event [...] More »

Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Impresses Where Original Did Not

6speedonline.com Ferrari California T Handling Speciale package review Harry Metcalfe

Harry Metcalfe isn’t known for mincing words. If he likes the California T, it must be good. When the California was initially launched nearly a decade ago, Ferrari was aiming to lure Mercedes SL buyers to the cult of the prancing horse. In the process, they somewhat gelded themselves with a car that wasn’t really [...] More »