Green Car Reports Interview with Tony Posawatz Covered by The New York Times


High Gear Media Senior Editor John Voelcker’s coverage of Chevy Volt Product Line Director Tony Posawatz’ departure from General Motors was linked to by The New York Times’ Wheels blog recently.


From The New York Times:

Though G.M. has not released any official communication, the engineer sent a note to colleagues last week and confirmed his plans in an interview with Green Car Reports.

As Voelcker notes in his Green Car Reports piece:

After the departure of lead engineer Frank Weber (who now runs BMW’s plug-in vehicle programs), Posawatz was the most public member of the Volt product team–and always available to answers questions and educate consumers, media, and the rest of GM.

He brought enthusiasm, unflagging energy, and a genuine joie de vivre to the challenges of explaining the Volt, sketching the context for GM’s first-ever plug-in vehicle sold to the public, and shepherding the car through final development, into the market, and onto the lots of dealers who often struggled with the new and pricey extended-range electric car.

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