Monthly Archives: July 2013

S-Class at 1:18 Scale is Still Remarkable

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Scale Model 6

Mercedes-Benz has just released the S-Class scale models in three sizes: 1:87 scale, 1:43 scale, and 1:18 scale. The detailing for each of the sizes is remarkable. Check out how intricate the models are in our gallery below to see what we mean. Pricing is only available in Euros. The smallest model will set you [...]

TAG Motorsports Throws HREs on an M5

Tag-HRE-F10-M5 slider

Is there any car HRE wheels don’t look good on? This M5 certainly doesn’t break the trend. They’re 20″ P44SC wheels finished in satin black. TAG Motorsports put this one together. It’s a fine example of what a few light mods can do to totally transform a car. The only mechanical change they’ve made is [...]