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Road Test: Audi allroad

As people who love Audi’s Avant models, and have seen their ranks thinned considerably in recent years (remember when you could get an A4 or A6 Avant in the USA?) we were beyond excited when Audi brought the A4 Avant back in the form of the B8 allroad. Yes, it’s true that fans of the [...] More »

Innovation fireworks during the Audi IT Hackathon

Audi employees develop ideas for tomorrow’s business models More than 100 participants in the third Audi IT Hackathon Creative Audi employees developed practical software prototypes for tomorrow’s business models during the third Audi IT Hackathon from July 19–21. Untethered from their daily routines, more than 100 employees from every AUDI AG division worked to fine-tune their ideas in [...] More »

Audi is researching the use of time in the robot car

Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute experts on human-machine interaction Laboratory experiment in a futuristic driving simulator “25th Hour”: an Audi project to define the premium mobility of the future What is a premium experience like in a self-driving car? Audi is researching this in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. In the futuristic [...] More »

For the future of the diesel engine: Audi starts free retrofit program for up to 850,000 cars

Audi offers retrofit program for up to 850,000 cars with V6 and V8 TDI engines EU5 and EU6 in Europe and other markets* No costs involved for customers Audi provides impetus so that diesel engines remain viable for the future and make a contribution towards improving air quality Audi is offering its customers in Europe and other markets* [...] More »