Behind the Wheel of a RWB Porsche


Speedhunters recently posted a great feature on driving a beautiful turquoise RWB Porsche on the mountainous backroads outside of Tokyo. The usual stunning photography really helps set off this incredible, visceral car that most of us can only dream of driving. Based on a 993 Carrera 2, the RWB has been stripped down and puffed out [...]

The Latest Teaser Shot of the VŪHL 05


Set to debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month, this Mexican supercar is building a lot of buzz. VŪHL stands for “Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight.” The body will be made in Canada and final assembly will be done in Mexico. Power is said to be Ford derived. That’s really all we [...]

Question of the Week: Would you buy the Dart or deeply discounted Avenger right now?

dart vs avenger

The introduction of the Dodge Dart brought about an impact that many people didn’t expect – a huge spike in sales of the midsized Dodge Avenger.  While many people believed that the introduction of the sportier, more efficient and higher tech Dart would overshadow the aging Avenger in showrooms around the country, there has actually ...