Scion FR-S Goes Snow Drifting on Frozen Lake

Scion-FRS-Snow-Drift b

Down here in Southern California, it’s spring time. It’s not like we have seasons here (what is this “snow” you speak of?), but we still love drifting. You’d think that without snow and stuff, we’d have one over on places like Norway which suffers sub-freezing temperatures for months on end… This video has me thinking [...]

Photo of the Day: SLS AMG Black Series


The SLS AMG is something special. The SLS AMG Black Series is the right kind of overkill. More power, more carbon fibre, more tire shredding. It’s expensive as hell, coming in at 250K. So for most people the colloquialism: “because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you can drive it” does apply. Not in this [...]